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Commercial Laundry

If you own a commercial business, laundry may be an ongoing battle for you. Unless you have a designated facility with several commercial washers and dryers, you may struggle to meet health codes, and devote quite a few labor hours to processing. Rather than continuing to fight with a never-ending pile of laundry, why not switch to Ocean Breeze’s commercial pickup and delivery services?

What Industries Are Commercial Laundry Services Designed for?

Any company with laundry can take advantage of commercial laundry services since the labor hours saved generally far outweigh the cost of laundry processing. In particular, we have found that the following industries often generate a lot of laundry but lack the proper facilities for processing it:

  • Boutique hotels
  • Nursing homes and assisted living facilities
  • Nail salons
  • Barbershops and hair salons

Are Your Services Customizable?

Our commercial contracts are designed to be affordable and fully customizable for each company’s unique needs. Whether you require occasional cleaning of specialty items, need service on a daily or weekly basis, or just need some help before a big event, we are eager to work with you.

At Ocean Breeze, we also understand that each industry has its own needs and requirements. You might have patients who suffer from detergent allergies. Local codes might require your laundry to be washed at a specific temperature. Perhaps you have certain items that are prone to fading. Whatever the case might be, we are here to ensure that you receive exactly the services that you require.

Why Should I Choose Ocean Breeze?

We are one of the leading providers of laundry pickup & delivery in the Miami & Fort Lauderdale areas. If you need help with your commercial laundry, contact us today by email at hello@oceanbreezelaundry or by phone at (786) 728-9274  to discuss what we can do for you.

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