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About Us

In 2015 we bought our first laundromat and got into the business of washing other people’s clothes.

Funny thing is that, while people came to our stores to wash their clothes, at home we kept using our own washer and dryer.

We would often find ourselves buried in in laundry baskets: dirty clothes waiting to be washed, washed clothes waiting to be dried, dry clothes waiting to be folded, and finally, folded clothes waiting to be put away.

Our family is not even that large (2 teenage kids living at home and us), but the number of clothes to be washed was insurmountable. Mercedes would spend weekends doing laundry while doing other chores around the house or (trying) to enjoy some free time.

But one day, it dawned on us… we have so many washers at our store! Why not just use our own facilities!… and that changed our lives forever!

Never again piles of clothes lying around, or hours washing, drying, sorting, folding, finding matching socks, etc., only to start over again when done! It all magically disappeared, and Mercedes, magically found a lot of lost time for herself!

And then we realized that we could not be the only ones struggling with laundry! Surely there were others: Households with kids, busy executives, single/divorced men living on their own, college students, elderly, single parents and many more would surely welcome having this chore taken off their plates and would just rather do something else with their valuable time!

And so, “Ocean Breeze Laundry Services” was born, to make life easier for all those who would rather enjoy life than doing laundry!

We knew that to be successful the service we provide must have the following key characteristics:

1. Customizable: Laundry is a very personal thing, each customer has his/her own preferences of detergent, softener, etc.
2. Extremely convenient for the customer: The customer should just throw their laundry in a bag, and leave the rest to us. Forget about anything else. Just throw your dirty clothes in a bag, and let us pick it up, treat it, wash it, dry it, fold it, and bring it back to you perfectly folded and sorted for you just to put it back in the closet.
3. Very affordable: Yes, your time is extremely valuable, and a service that will literally give you several hours a week of your life is a valuable service, but we don’t want our customer to suffer as they pay for this convenience.

We encourage you to try our service, and reclaim the hundreds of hours a year you have been missing doing laundry!

Claudio and Mercedes Vilas
Founders of “Ocean Breeze Laundry Services”

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